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Using List Data Type in Authentication


I am in need of using a list - string in authentication. 

I would like to have a list field with "roles", and when a datapage loads, I access the values through the authentication fields. It could equate to a comma separated string, then I would just compare to see if the role is contained in the string. 

The List - String datatypes currently do not show up, but is there a way around this? Maybe by using a formula field to create our own string from the List datatype? 

Currently, I have each role as a Yes/No column, but it is getting pretty hectic with many roles. I would like to limit it to a few columns if possible.


Has anyone encountered this yet?



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What if you add a  new row for each user with new role when you have a Role table. So you have:

Usertable: UserID (Unique)

RoleTable: User_ID, Role

Then you can create a view to get the roles and create your authentication based on this view

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