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Need a way to automatically open a URL at a specific time once a day



Hi guys, thanks in advance for taking a look at my question. 

First a brief overview of what our site does: We have a database of construction projects in AZ that tracks project information, contacts etc. Users can search the Database with a variety of different options: Market Sector, Owner, Zip Code, etc etc. We have the option for users to created a Saved Search so they can just run that search every day instead of inputting their search criteria every time.

Our developers have created a "Daily Digest" which uses a code to run those Saved Searches and send an email once a day to any users that have projects that meet their Saved Search criteria. Just like when you have a Saved Search on LinkedIn and get an email once a day that tells you all the jobs that match your search.

The problem: The trigger that causes the code to run which in turns sends out the email is activated by clicking a link. So once a day a person has to click the link in order for the emails to be sent out. We need a way to automate that link opening/button clicking. I have looked into CronTabs but that requires the computer to be on in order for the link to be opened. We don't have a computer that is always on and even if we did there is always the possibility that the computer would be shut off for some reason and the CronTab wouldn't run. 

Short Version: We need a way for a link to be opened once a day at 5am regardless of whether the computer is on or off. We do have a Zapier subscription if you can think of a way to make Zapier work. 

Thank you again! Let me know if there is anything I can clarify. 

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