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AJAX Enabled DataPage Does not Update on Edit



I have three data pages on one web page (WordPress site): 1 input form, one tabular datapage with inline editing enabled, and one pivot datapage all working from the same table. When the user inputs data via the input form, the AJAX feature works great and both other two reports update instantaneously without a page refresh (quite impressive). However, if the user chooses to go over to the tabular datapage and edit or delete an item, then the AJAX updating doesn't work for updating the pivot table right below it.

Is there something wrong with my setup or is this not even an option/possible.

Thank you, Kaveh

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Hi @kvarjavand,


I communicated with Caspio Support about the similar issue the other day and they told me AJAX functionality currently enabled on submit / login events which can refresh embedded datapage without page reload.  I am afraid that Edit/Insert/Delete events on tabular report do not trigger AJAX datapages refresh. You can submit a feature request to Caspio product team via IdeaBox .

Hope this helps.



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Maybe there is a way to set a script that refreshes the page once "Update" button is clicked? That way the page is showing the updated results after submit. Also, maybe I can set the target so that when the page is refreshed, it is opened to where the user last was. I'll be trying to work on a script for this, if anyone could help me that would be awesome!


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