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Importing/Exporting spreadsheet with list-DataType



Hello Everyone !

I'm having trouble importing and exporting a table with List String in my Caspio Bridge. And every time I do that, all the values imported/saved in my "List DataType" is not included when I import or export my table :( 

Can any one tell me what might be the problem? 

Thanks !

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Hello @WatashiwaJin,

Just wanted to let you know that I also experience that kind of issue before, and when I ask Caspio support they informed me that importing or exporting table(s) with List Data-Type values will not be included because they said that this issue is one of the current Caspio’s limitation.



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Hello @IamGroot,

Just wanted to inform you, I found a way to export/import a table/database with List-DataType value inside it. 

1. Change the DataType to "Text(255) field" and Export it.

2. And in your Excel file, make sure that the value for the List-String field is comma separated like this: (Item1,Item2,Item3,Item4, etc.)

3. Proceed with the import as usual. After successfully importing your file. Go to your Table and to the Table Design.

4.  Change the "Text(255) Field" (The one we changed in step 1) back to List-String DataType.

5. Then it will just return the way it was. If you want to export it (reapeat step(1)).

I hope this helps :) 


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