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AutoComplete based on Role




I am making a Timesheet datapage. I have a table filled with active employees that we have. Each employee has a "Job_Role" (i.e. Office, Field, Shop). 

In the Timesheet we ask what Task the employee did during the day. Tasks are saved on a separate table and include Fab, Install, Misc., Office work, etc. It is also a field in the table that saves all of the timesheet information.

The timesheet app limits lookup balues based on identity. So, when they open the app and sign in, it automatically has all of the employee information.

I want to know if it is possible to create a relationship between Job_Role and Tasks, so that the Task input is automatically filled based on the employees role. (i.e. if the employee works in the shop, then fab should be automatically filled in the Task section).

Please let me know if it is possible.


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(A different approach)

If I understand you correctly, it's not actually hard to implement as it seems. I, myself, wanted to implement this before.


I am assuming that you are using an Authentication in your DataPage. If so:


First, what we need to do is to somehow add to a Default_Task field to the DataSource of your Authentication (much easier if it's a View, but you can also do with a field with manually input value. Hopefully this makes sense. I am attaching an image for you to better visualize my point).



Once it's in your authentication field, you should be able to use that as an OnLoad value on pretty much all kinds of DataPages



Hope this helps you, kpcollier




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Hey, @DefinitelyNot31337. Thanks for the reply! This looks awesome, and I think it is exactly what I need. Just a few questions - the Default_Tasks. Is this a table, or a new field on a table? Also, is it a list? I am confused as to where I implement that part. 


Also, does it matter that I am using a submission form instead of a search and report? I need it to be submission because its a timesheet to submit hours.

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