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Not all of my data pages login together



Hi Everyone,

I have several data pages that do not login when all others do.  I click login and then re-direct to my landing page.  From there I can navigate to pages that function but some have the login screen again.  once I login again I re-direct again.  Furthermore, when I deploy pages that work to new web pages they too need another login.  

Some how it is connected to the data pages from inside caspio and will work or not work depending on whether or not my data pages are logged in or out from inside caspio.  


For example: I can see two data pages on one web page.  One logged in and one not.  If I go into caspio and click preview, log in and then refresh the other page it comes up.  Even if it is not the same data page.  It it like I have two parralel log ins.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  

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To Solve it I am going to each data page, starting with the Login Code.  

I am going to the deploy section and copying the deploy code which is now different than prior.  It now has https://c0bkr***.caspio.com instead if the prior b6.caspio.  


When some of mine had it vs others it did not log those in.  In my case the new ones were not logging in since my Login Deploy Code was the older cersion.  

Now I go to each Data Page Deploy, Copy the Code and place it into my web pages.  I have several hundred.  


Thank you again for all of your help.

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Hey @jnordstrand, there are a couple of things you can check for this. 

The first would be to make sure that all of the authentications/auth views you are using are all using data from the same Employee/User Table. If the user is in a different table (Say for some reason you have a table for admins and a table for employees), the login wouldn't work together.

The next thing to check is to go through the authentications of each datapages. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Authentication screen, click on Advanced Settings, and make sure "Enable cross-app login:" is checked on each DataPage. If one datapage does not have this checked, then the user would be prompted to log in again when visiting the page.

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Also, out of curiosity, are you using iframes to deploy your datapages? If you don't have a separate log in page and you log in directly on the datapage iframe on your website, try refreshing the page after you log in to the first one. If the second datapage is logged in after the refresh, that's your problem. iFrames are entirely separate windows. One way to fix this would be to have a stand alone login page that redirects you to those pages so they all load in with that authentication, or writing some small script in your other iframes that quickly refreshes the iframe once the submit log in button is clicked the first time.

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4 minutes ago, jnordstrand said:

Thank you for all of the help.  It looks like it was a new deploy code vs. old deploy code issue.  

@jnordstrand, I see. Haven't heard that it would affect the authentication yet.

Can you share how you resolved it?

I would like to know. Because, sometimes, I'm having same issues on my authentications. 

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