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Caspio forms as Webhooks



I've set up a single record update datapage to accept incoming value for email and to update a single field value in that record that matches that email address. I've added this url to Gravity Forms Webhook add-on and everything looks right, but the form never updates the record or sends me notification. I've added auto-submit and the url works if I enter it manually in a browser... https://c0esh132.caspio.com/dp/123456789101112131415/?Email=johndoe@gmail.com  ... but the same URL never fires when I call it using the Gravity Form. I've subsituted a requestbin url to test and make sure the proper value is being passed along... and it is.   I've also tried doing the same thing with a Zapier Webhook... and again, the caspio form never fires.


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Datapages are not meant to be used for webhooks, they must be manually or programatically submitted since they are forms but that can not be automatically since a webhook wont fire the submit action.

For what you are trying to do, I would recommend either using zapier for the whole process or building your own API and use the API code URL in the Gravity Forms webhook space.

If you share more about what you are trying to do, I might be able to help you, in any case, Zapier would be much easier than building your own API if you do not have the knowledge.


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