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Simple trigger solution needed



I have many projects and each project has many tasks. Each time we start a new project staff spend hours loading in all the tasks.

In very many cases we already have a project where the tasks are very similar. If the staff could copy/duplicate the tasks from the similar project and just replace the project_id with the project_id of the new project, then the team could save hours by just adjusting the tasks that were different.

I have a Table TBL_Project_Tasks and it holds the tasks for all projects. Each record holds Task_id; Project_id; Task Description; Task_sequence; Task comment and some other fields that are not important.

I have a simple Datasheet that I created and it writes to a new second Table TBL_New_Projects. It has User-id and time_stamp (for records only); Copy_from_Project_id; Copy_to_Project_id.

I wanted to create a trigger in TBL_New_Projects so that when a new record was inserted into TBL_New_Projects, all the records in TBL_Project_Tasks where the Project_id = Copy_from_Project_id were duplicated but with the Project-id replaced by Copy_to_Project_id.

The team can just use our regular ‘Edit_Task’ datapage to adjust any tasks they need

I have spent hours with the Triggered action and it seems I just do not have the knowledge to make this work ( I am a beginner after all).


Can you help??

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Looking at the trigger, it seems that there will be two actions upon Insert.

You mentioned that the "Copy_from_Project_id were duplicated but with the Project-id replaced by Copy_to_Project_id."

Meaning to say, you would duplicate the record, but the original record would be replaced by Copy_to_Project_id.  Tell me if I understand this correctly, I would be glad to help you out with this one. :)

Looking forward to your response! 

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Hi Glitch,

Almost correct :). I need for the new (inserted copy) TASK records to have the Copy_to_Project_id.   (I.E I do not wish to change the original  TASK records , because they  should be considered  as if they were a template ). 

I am excited to see how to solve this, it looked so simple and will save so much time almost  immediately !!

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One question though, I'm currently looking into this trigger and it's quite tricky.

Upon Insert on TBL_New_Projects, ALL the records from TBL_Project_Tasks where the Project_id = Copy_from_Project_id will be copied to WHICH table?

It's harder than I thought :D

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Hey @Colnocode,

I think I got it to work, however I used three tables instead, where the copy of all records who meets the Where Clause will be placed. 

The trigger goes like this: 


Currently the Task Table would contain values so that we can compare the #Inserted Project ID to the Copy_To..


So for example, I inserted a record inside New Project who's Copy_To_Project_ID is equals 1, the third table will copy Task1, 2 and 3. 

Here's the output:

1.) http://prntscr.com/n3ru1n

2.) http://prntscr.com/n3ruol


I have also attached the app I created, ifever you're interested in testing it.




I hope this helps!


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Hi  Glitch,

Two Messages - First one first

"Upon Insert on TBL_New_Projects, ALL the records from TBL_Project_Tasks where the Project_id = Copy_from_Project_id will be copied to WHICH table" 

Answer :- to The original table I.E TBL_Project_Tasks

Second message .

I am not really sure what the third table is used for ?  I am going to give it a try and see what happens it looks promising to me . It looks like you got a whole lot further with this than I could , Thanks. Give me a  day or two to try it out 



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