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File storage performance on DataPage




Is there a limit of MB stored in an application that would cause performance issues on the DataPage? (Freezing, slow load, etc)

I have to store several PDF files. The amounts are approximate:

  • Less than 1 MB  each file
  • 5,000 files 
  • 5 GB in total

We have the Professional license that has 7,000 MB for storage so for that part there's no problem.


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Even when the caspio storage space you receive is enough, I would say it will limit your app in the future in case you continue to upload new PDF files.

Remember Caspio is a database service, if you would like to sync with storage service providers, I would recommend using a storage service provider such as AWS S3, Dropbox, Google Drive.

You can integrate any of these service with Caspio by using the API methods out there.

If you are not sure about how to proceed, I would recommend you taking a look to this service so you can build your own API integrations easily.

Hope it helps.


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Hi. I dont think this is a problem you need to worry about. In our app we now have about 25gig in files, mostly pdf and pictures. We also have another 25gig in record data (compliance grow plan). We have not had any perfomance isdues because of this. Some of our heavier pages have almost 20 datapages deployed on one page also. I did adress this possible issue my self to my PS manager but was told it was not going to be a problem. But we are going to move all our files to aws s3 to free up space. GB is quite expensive in caspio for some reason. 

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