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Switching Positions of 'View Details' and 'Edit' Links



Hellloooo. I've been trying to figure out how I can get the 'Edit' link to come before the 'View Details' link in a tabular report. I looked everywhere in Styles, and Live Chat told me that there wasn't an option for this. 

I believe I could make a Details DataPage and pass the primaryKey to get a details section, and put that link to the other side of the 'Edit' link.... But I would rather not use a new datapage just for this function.

Anyone have any other ideas?

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Hello @kpcollier,


If I correctly assumed what you want to achieve, this could've been done with JavaScript. However, seeing that each Action's related  HTML Elements, <a>and <span>, not grouped [i.e. Corresponding elements of View Details, Edit, (and possibly Delete) not having the same HTML Parent], we might be better off doing a dirty workaround instead of having JavaScript intervene with the HTML document.





Are you ready for the dirty workaround?

Well, you can just cheat by interchanging "View Details" and "Edit" on Styles and Localizations. Below are images of what you need to change.






Hope this helps in a way.



return of DN31337

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With how Caspio's currently doing it, it's just not worth implementing a JavaScript solution over making do with the dirty workaround provided.

But tell you what, you may use these Custom Image URLs. Just replace xxx with your Integration URL or Account Friendly Sub-domain

https://xxx .caspio.com/images/dp/RA_details_go.png

https://xxx .caspio.com/images/dp/RA_edit_pencil.png




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