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Dynamic Menu Navigation



Hi all, I can't seem to find the solution, but not for lack of trying. 

I'm looking for a tutorial to accomplish a dynamic Menu Navigation based on user role. Similar to what's presented here at 4:23s into this Tutorial. 

I would prefer to implement entirely in caspio for this. It's an internal company work flow and deploying through weebly etc seems very counterintuitive. 

Bonus if there's a Tutorial to achieve this and highlight the current page (so that the user can easily reference what page they're on). 

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This might sound crazy, but I've got zero javascript skills and pretty low on HTML.  And I'm starting to run into more conditions - beyond user role - where I need to customize the menu.  It also strikes me that - as the complexity of the application grows - the menus will become unwieldy.  I'm dreaming about a database-driven solution where we map menu headers and menu items to user types, store the HTML in the database, and then dynamically create the menus on the fly.  Is this crazy?  A performance nightmare?  

It seems like once this was built, adding a new user role would be as easy as just choosing the menu items they had access to.  Adding a new menu item would involve creating the HTML for that particular item, specifying where it fits in the menu hierarchy, and mapping it to the user roles that can see it.  

Anyone ever tried something like this?

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