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'Click to add more' or something similar?



I've ran into a stop with a new app I'm making. It is for estimating projects. My problem is that for each line item in a submission form, there can be up to 3 types of labor. I originally was thinking I could split it up into two tables, one for estimating and one for labor, but I failed to figure out how to add multiple records to the Labor table on one submission. Now I am thinking of adding a TON of labor fields in my Estimating table.. but surely there has to be a better way. There is a screenshot below somewhat representing what I need. For one item type (i.e. aluminum) there will be multiple labor types (i.e. install, prep, fab)

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


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Should each new item contain the same Labours group?

If yes, please check the application attached. TRIGGER_Assign_Labours_1_0_2019-Jun-14_0919.zip
The trigger under "Item_and_Labours" table will multiple entries as soon as you submit a new one.

You need to import this zip file into your account.
Here you can find the information related to the import process - https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/importing-data/

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I appreciate the help from you two, but my issue is a little different. In all, I want the Submission Page to load up only showing 3 lines for Labor. However, if the 3rd line gets a value, I want the next Labor line to pop up. This way, we only have enough labor lines for what we need. 

My problem is that the submission form is too long, so I only want to provide enough lines as needed. Sometimes we need to use all 20 of the Labor Lines, and sometimes we only need to use a couple of them. 

Each submission is only 1 record. So, all of the labor lines are included in that single record. That is why I cannot use a trigger to accomplish this. All of the information for this Estimate will need to be entered together. Each Labor line that is used will have a currency value, which in turn is used in multiple formulas to add together an entire estimate. 

Thank you for the help!

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