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Insert current date automatically



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Hi Batchini,

You can achieve that by following the steps below.
1. Add a field in the table and set the Data Type to 'Formula'.
2. On the right pane of your Formula field, in the Options section, click Edit and paste this code: CAST([@field:Date] AS DATE). Please make sure to change the field name.
3. Create a Triggered action that will update the date with the formula field.
4. Create a Task that will automatically insert the current date on your table daily.

Please see attached file for reference.



I hope it helps.


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In addition, you may also just setup your Task in such way presented below so you won't need to specify a Trigger. *Pick your poison =D.


This workflow subtracts hour:minutes:seconds to whatever the value of Timestamp is so that it only retains the date part of the timestamp.

The solution above mostly works, but we ended up having to subtract milliseconds as well.

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