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Multiple Criteria for Record Level Security?




I would like to create a DATA PAGE that only gives access to SALES MANAGERS to then view a list of customers created by 1) himself and 2) by users within his team.  I do not want SALES MANAGER "A" to be able to see SALES MANAGER "B" listings.  There will be a team of 5 people assigned to Manager "A" and a team of 10 people assigned to MANAGER "B".  

1. If MANAGER "A" logs in, I want him to see his customers as well as ALL of his teams customers. 

2. If a user logs in, then I want him to see only his customers (nobody else from the team)

Is this possible with RLS?  How do I accomplish this?

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Another thing that may work is to add a 'Team' field to your user table. Assign the users to the Team they belong in, a long with the Sales Managers. Include this Team field in your search filters, hide it, and make it receive an authentication parameter on load (which would be the Team field) and this will limit the records to just that Team. If you aren't using a search form, use the filter records option and choose the Team field and do the same process. 

To do this you will need a couple things. First, a User Table for who is accessing your records. Second, an Authentication that runs off of the User Table and has the Team field included. Also, you will need to include the Team field in your submission form. This can also be a hidden field that receives a parameter. This is to give the record the Team value from the user that is making the submission.

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