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Limit the number of search



I have set up a search form with Caspio.
Lets assume there are 2 types of users: those who pay and those who use the service for free.
Is there any way to limit the daily number of searches which the free user can run (say to 3 or 5 searches per day), while the users who are paying can run as many searches as they want daily.

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Hello @BretSparkman,

I do have an idea for this, however, you will need the following.


dummy submission form

report datapage set to search by predefined values from parameters.


we will need to the authentication to determine if the current user is paid user or paid user. make sure that the datapages that will be used on this work are authenticated. On your Users table, set a field for determining if a user is paid or not and set another field for counting the number of search.

create a dummy submission form.  A dummy submission form is a submission form with only virtual fields. with this, it will not save any data to the selected data source upon submission. Make all this virtual fields pass their value as a parameter on exit.

The purpose of this dummy is this will be the search form of your user. 

Use virtual field as a calculated value and create condition statement that will check if the current user is a paid user or not and if not, check if its number of searches havent reach the limit yet.

If good, it shall return the URL of the report datapage,

If not, redirect it to somewhere else.

Make sure that the report datapage are catching the right parameter for their searches.

This is the whole Idea of this workflow.  Feel free to ask if you need more details.



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Hi there!

I stumbled upon this post while browsing and I think that the suggestion above this comment looks great, and I would just like to add this HowTo article that I've always found helpful with workflows that requires redirection based on user group. You can access the article using this link:


I hope you find this helpful as much as I do. Cheers!

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