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hiding fields with condition in submission form



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You can do this using CSS custom code. In Submission Forms and details pages you can hide multiple fields by surrounding them with HTML table tags and setting the table’s display style to “none”. but to use this with condition, you may follow this step:

first create a HTML block and use this code below:

  [data-css="value_of_your_parameter_or_field"] {
    display: none;
<table data-css="[@name_of_your_parameter_or_field]">

and on your second HTML Block


make sure that you place the fields that you wanted to hide between the two HTML tags. 

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Did this answer your question?  Not sure it does.  Im facing same issue.  Never suspected a conditional rule to Hide Field actually omit data from the table.  For mine, I have some radio buttons with a default "No" value.  However, that field can be hidden based on another condition rule. But I still want that default No value for it to appear in data table.  Instead I get blanks.  They should rename Hide field to Hide field/Omit Data.

Would love to prevent this.

Feel free to vote to make this not happen:  https://caspio.uservoice.com/forums/164206-caspio-bridge/suggestions/44905339-prevent-a-hide-field-rule-from-actually-omitting-t

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