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use button to refresh calculated field




Is there a way to refresh a calculated field when a button is clicked?  I have a field set to 'Calculated Field' in a submission form that references a couple other fields that themselves are updated with a button's js function. When you don't manually (type in) update a field then the calculated field won't show any changes. So when my button's function runs and Field1 gets a timestamp, the calculated field that uses Field1 doesn't refresh. It does refresh if I type in the time/date to Field1. 

I'm need to show the refreshed value in the calculated field before it is submitted. Any help would be appreciated!

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Hello, are you really on a submission form?

As I check, you can only have Calculated values on a submission form and they real time responsive. 

As for the calculated fields,  I think they perform their calculation during on load and if you refer a field from it, it will gather those information  directly from the table datasource thus it will not response/change value unless the changed values on the fields  are saved on the tables first. 

You may want to try calculated values. You can set a field to became a calculated value on its form element. 

I hope it helps

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Hi Sherif,

It's been awhile since I posted this so I don't remember exactly which submission form I was working on (my app is huge with 500 datapages). However, I believe what I had to do was use js to fill that field, based on what the other fields were. So the js the button ran updated the first 2 fields and then, after that, updated the 3rd field (set to a regular text value instead of a calculated value). Hope this helps-- 

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