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Parameters not working on



Today at least our update forms and result pages suddenly stopped receiving parameters. It appears at least on the latest Chrome 83.0.4103.116 and first only when browsed on incognito mode. Then it also happened on on Ipad and with normal Safari browsing and on incognito it worked (with Safari). 

We are on Wordpress but I also took these forms outside to another platform and it same goes on there.  What and why could it be?

This is very unfortunate because we are dependent on our forms to work. Now we had to seize our marketing and Caspio is trying to solve this issue. It is not the first time. We have been clients for eight years and parameters have been a problem.

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Hi @TomasJerry, I had the same issue and I contacted support. They told me that "Caspio applications require third-party cookies to be enabled. If you are using a browser with third-party cookies disabled or cross-site tracking prevention enabled, you cannot log in to Caspio applications or may have issues filtering data in reports. In this case, a default Caspio system message will be displayed to notify you of the issue." You will be required to enable cookies in your browser:


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