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Triggered action can't access change that triggered it?



Upon ANY change to Table1, I want to copy all the records in Table1 to Table2.  The problem I'm having is that the data I copy to Table2 from within the triggered action does NOT reflect the changes that fired the triggered action in the first place.   I understand that I have access to the #inserted and #deleted rows directly but that's not what I want.  I want to do a bulk update of Table2 that includes the changes to Table1 that fired the triggered action.  I can do this just fine with a Task but not from a triggered action.  

Am I missing something obvious?

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Source table BEFORE edit is:


Target table BEFORE edit is:


Upon ANY change to tbl_Source, I want to delete all records from tbl_Target and rebuild to reflect the records in tbl_Source.  Triggered action is:


(As you can see, this simply "unpivots" columns in tbl_Source to rows in tbl_Target.)

 I then modify a record in tbl_Source as follows (added 100 to each Account 2 field).  


The resulting tbl_Target does NOT reflect the edit:


I then modify tbl_Target again (adding another 100 to the Account 2 record fields) as follows:


tbl_Target is rebuilt from the triggered action and only NOW reflects the first edit but NOT the second edit.  


I created a "Task" that does the same thing and if I run that that after an edit tbl_Target properly reflects the current edit.  But I can't run a task from a triggered action and the triggered action doesn't seem to have access to the edit that actually triggered the action. 

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