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Variable list data types




I have a form for creating a new  'appointement' for a client which needs to have a field with a 'multiple select listbox'

This documentation provided me to the way to do it


However my problem is that it forces me to pre-define the values to be shown in my table, as described in

5. On the right pane, under the Options section, you must provide the Values available for the data type. Up to 1000 values are supported. You can enter the values one by one, paste a list into this area, or import from one of your existing tables by clicking the import icon  import_icon.

But my values can be dynamic: for appointments for client X they should be A, B, C for client Y they should be D, E, F,....

How can this be done in Caspio

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Hello @Glenn,

To add to a previous comment.

If you use a Listbox, you can configure a DataPage to limit lookup values in the Listbox field based on a user or role. So for client X, options can be A, B, C and different for client Y. 

You may check the following article to find out more: Filter Lookup Dropdown or Listbox Based on User or Role

Also, you can Dynamically Add Options to Dropdowns or Listboxes if it is the case.

Hope this helps!

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