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"0" value when checkbox not selected


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I'm assuming you're not using a Yes/No Data Type for the field since you can assign a value when checked.

I believe this can be done using simple Triggered Action

On Insert > Update #inserted > Field = 0 WHERE field not equal Y (or the value that you set for when the checkbox is checked)

In this example, I used a field with Text(255), but it should work for Number/Integer DataType, as well, just replace Y if you're using 1 for checked


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Thanks for your help

The following (see image) eventually helps with one major problem: it is the previous record that gets updated ... any idea what I should do ?

Moreover, I cannot execute this for both "insert" and "update".  Here too, any idea ?

Thanks for your help.



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Hi @Johan :) You can choose to fire the trigger both on update and insert. You just have to make sure you select both of them here: image.png.1754dde13fb653f373a805faa9f1622d.png

Also, for it to not update the previous record, please choose #inserted instead of the table itself ;) The #inserted table represents data that is being inserted or updated in the table. 

I hope this helps! 

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