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Triggered Action does not update External Table



The triggered action in the Assessment file (ref. below PRTSCR 1)  should update the 'ResultTable' with five records with data from the current record on #inserted.
The first record to be inserted however is created but not filled with data. The four last records are correctly created with correct data.  (ref below PRTSCR 2)

The entry of records in the Assessment file is based on one Submission form and 12 subsequent Single Record Update forms.

Records 2 to 5 in the new table are based on data in the Submission form. 
Record 1 in the new table is based on data from different Single Record Update forms.

-> Is the use of data from Single Record Update forms the cause of the problem ?

+ I tried to change the action to 'insert and update' but this didn't help...

Any help appreciated ...

Triggered action:



ResultTable output:




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I found it, and indeed , this was the root cause. 

The solution is pretty obvious, though not clearly documented in the Caspio guidance (I am not a developer): 

I defined two triggered actions: one for inserting data into the table and on for updating the table. Both can be used at the same time.

Caspio has a lot of secrets, and I try to find out step by step.

Thanks  for helping me taking this extra step  :)


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