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Create a relationship based on the value in a formula field?




I'm just getting started with evaluating Caspio,  to potentially use in a project for a client of ours. I'm using some data of theirs to play around with, and it makes sense (to my brain at least, exposed many years ago to FileMaker), to create a formula field, and then use that calculated value as the key to a related table, but Caspio doesn't want to let me use the formula field in a relationship definition.

What's the Caspio way of doing what I'd like to accomplish?



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Hi @DavidBoroditsky :) I think that is not possible. I also found another forum thread discussing about using a formula field for relationships:

Have you considered a different approach to create this unique value besides formula field? Maybe through triggered action or calculated fields (if you will populate the table using submissions). For your reference, here's the list of compatible data types for creating relationships which can be found in this article:

Data Types Relationship Compatibility
Integer Integer, Autonumber
Autonumber Autonumber, Integer
Number Number
Currency Currency
Text (255) Text (255), Prefixed Autonumber, Random ID, GUID
Prefixed Autonumber Prefixed Autonumber, Text (255)
Random ID Random ID, Text (255)
GUID GUID, Text (255)
Date/Time Date/Time, Timestamp
Timestamp Timestamp, Date/Time




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