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Issue on transferring records using not exist.

I noticed this issue a while ago.


On this case, Cascade_B table is empty before the task run. After the task, it pasted every single 'aa' on the Cascade_B even though we are using a not exist condition. This is because the conditional statement is ran through all of the records on the Cascade_A table at the same time and not one after another. 

In short, the result on the Cascade_B is actually an expected behavior.

If you want your task to ran the conditions on those records from AA one at a time (to prevent duplicates), you will have to use a setup like this instead:


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I just noticed this strange behavior:

When assigning a date value on the variable and you date add function in it and then assign it on a text255 field, the format of the date is changed into partial text.



You will get a result like this:


Notice that value on the 'test_val' field.

Anyways, the value is still being accepted with no issue if you assign it on a normal date field. See the 'date1' field.

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