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Remove Underscore in a Table



Hi, can someone help me understand why I can remove the underscore when I am trying to create or edit my field name? I just want to have a simple space to create a name. For example, First_Name to First name. 

As you can see,I want to remove the underscore.  Is there a way to do so? Any help and explanation would be enough. Thank you. 

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Good day, mate. 

I was browsing here in the community forum when I saw your post. I believe this is not possible to remove based on my experience. Let me explain. 

In the Table, when creating a field name there are certain requirements that need to be followed with Caspio. Take this for example, I am trying to create a simple dot or other space besides the underscore, but it gave me an error saying that there are field name requirements. After I clicked on the 'Fix' it saved as Use_dot on my Table. image.thumb.png.4e757ff732c3f2cbee1ba7003f18ed71.png

So, I believe this is a limitation or what they call a system limitation. I hope this helps you out, Mate. Cheers! :)


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I think the reason why we cannot use dot (.) on field names is because dot is being used as connector or indicator somewhere on Caspio to specify which table does the field belongs.

For example, in triggered action, once you connect two tables via join, you will notice that the field names will now have prefix of their table origin connected by dot.



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