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Show Conditional Error On A Submission Page If Entered Data Is Less Than A ...

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Just add the following JavaScript in a footer of the submission form to validate for that field. Replace XXX with your value.


var num=XXX;
function chk_num(){
var mynum = document.getElementById('InsertRecordFIELDNAME').value;
if ( mynum < num ) {
alert('Enter your message here');
return false;
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I tried using this method today (mynum > num (instead of mynum < num)) but I came across the following problem. 

Instead of defining var num as a predifined number, I want to use an authentication field. Depending on this field var num will be 100/1000/1500. When I test this and enter a number higher than the limitation it gives me the error message, but when I fill in a lower number (after the error message) it will give me the same message. When I submit a correct value in the first place it works perfectly. How do i fix this?



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