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Cascading "text Area" Element?



With the recent update, we got a bunch of different form elements that can be cascading and populate based on a selection in another field.  However, "Text Area" or "Memo" fields are missing.  Is there a way to get longer text fields to display based on a prior selection? 


I am looking to have the selection on a prior field display a virtual field with data from a look up table that provides some instructions that will be longer than a standard Text Field.


Any suggestions?

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Have you had any luck with this? I want to do something similar. My submission form is set-up so a teacher selects an art lesson from a cascading drop down box that is specific to the teacher's grade level. I would like to include a description of the lesson. I can display it as another drop down, but the text can be lengthy and it would be great to be able to display this as a text area instead. Ideally, it would also be display only.

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