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Multiple Values For One Parameter



Hi all!


How can I have multiple values pass as a single parameter in a detailed report datapage? Example: An asset has 3 serial numbers associated with it. I want any one of those serial numbers to pull up the assets profile when entered into a detailed report datapage.


I hope this makes sense and I can get someone to shed some light on how to do this. I have looked at the tutorials for relationships, views, and one-to-many but still cannot get it to operate how I want it. Maybe I am just misunderstanding how it works.


Thank you!



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Thanks Aurora,


Does this work to access a detailed report? Basically I am keeping a database of customer information and product serial numbers associated with each customer. Each customer can have several product serial numbers. Instead of having a customer need to create several profiles for each serial number, I want one customer profile with multiple product serial numbers. I need to be able to search by serial number and have it show the customer associated with that serial number. I was thinking of table relationships and one-to-many, but I am still having trouble creating a detailed report datapage that when I enter one of several serial numbers in a search field, it will pull up the customer associated with that serial number. 




Customer John has serial numbers X, Y, Z


I want to be able to search for X, Y, OR Z and have it find John.


Thanks for the help!!

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Hi skaunty,


Yes, I did find a solution. First I had to create two tables, one for "customer info" and one for "serial numbers". In the tables I had to create a unique field that would tie the two together (such as User_ID). I then created a relationship between the two tables using the User_ID field and creating a "one-to-many" relationship. I also created a view table so I could easily see and use both tables in a datapage. Lastly I created an authentication page that uses the User_ID and password. 


After this I created my datapage. I used a list view report using my "serial number" table, and required the authentication from above. One the next page, select "Filter data based on your pre-defined criteria", "Allow parameters in search criteria" and "Bridge and external parameters". Under "Restrict record access based on user identity", I used my User_ID field. 

Next page, move the User_ID field over to "selected fields". Next I made the comparison type Equal and value: [@User_ID]. Under advanced, select to "receive value or parameter", External Parameter: [@User_ID], and select "If empty, ignore criteria".


From here it's basically your own preferences, but I found I had to do the first few steps exactly like this in order for it to work correctly. It's a lot of trial and error, but everything is working great now. I also used this video to help me set up my pages.


Hope this helps!



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