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Calendars - Events Spanning Multiple Dates And Color Coding



I need to create a reservation system for managing a couple student apartments in different locations. I've created a reservation form and a calendar data page but the calendar doesn't show the data the way I would like it to (most likely because I'm just not sure what I'm doing :unsure: ). Two questions:


1. If on the reservation form someone reserves Room A from January 1 - January 10... how do I get that person's reservation to show on all of the reserved days (January 1 - January 10) on the calendar instead of just the first day of the reservation (January 1)?


2. Is there a way to color code the calendar based upon a particular field in the reservation form? If I want Room A and B to show as blue because they are part of one apartment and Room C and D to show as green because they are part of a different apartment?


Thanks for the guidance!

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I don't think you'll be finding a good solution with Caspio default functionality.  The calendars only allow for the placement based on a single date field.  I would recommend a custom development with an API...basically, custom web page that get the data from Caspio but creates the calendar outside of Caspio.  This will take some advanced technical skills and perhaps integration with a 3rd party calendar web app.

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