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Pass Parameter from iframe to parent page



I have a single record update form deployed on my webpage which contains an iframe inside an html block on the parent page. This iframe collects a signature. I need help getting the signature to pass to the parent page once the iframe has been submitted.

How can I pass a parameter from an iframe to the parent page it is deployed in?

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What if I am trying to get a value from a caspio Popup datapage to the caspio Parent datapage? 

On my submission form, I have a spot for 'Customer ID' with a button next to it. If you click the button, a Tabular Report pops up where the user can search our customer table to find the ID. 

I am trying to make it so the user can just click on the ID they want - or a button next to it - on the popup tabular report and automatically have that value populate the Customer ID input field on the Parent datapage.

Is something like this possible? I am struggling to find anything to help me start this.

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Yes, it is possible! Below is the html for the button I created on the Popup page. First, I was just going to make this button copy the customerID value to the clipboard so that the user can paste the value into the parent page. I am still using this same button for the workflow. This button (and the script) is in an HTML block on the popup results page.

<input id="in[@field:CG_Client_ID]" style="width:1px; opacity:0;">

<div class="tooltip">

<button type="button" id="bt[@field:CG_Client_ID]" class="copyBut">
  <span class="tooltiptext" id="myTooltip[@field:CG_Client_ID]">Copy to clipboard</span>


Then, for the script, the two window.opener.document lines are the ones that copies the value to the parent page. The tooltip is just a nice little message to the user confirming it was copied. I didn't need to add any script to the parent page. 

document.getElementById('bt[@field:CG_Client_ID]').addEventListener("click", function(){

  window.opener.document.querySelector('input[id^="InsertRecordIG_Sheet_Table_Customer_"]').value = "[@field:CG_Client_ID]";
  window.opener.document.querySelector('input[id^="InsertRecordIG_Sheet_Table_Customer_"]').dispatchEvent(new Event('change'));


  var tooltip = document.getElementById("myTooltip[@field:CG_Client_ID]");
  tooltip.innerHTML = "Copied: " + "[@field:Primary_Alias]'s ID";


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