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Trigger to update related records in same table as Insert



I have a table that I need to update records related to the ID value when a new record is inserted. 

When a new record is created a field called 'InvoiceID' stores (via parameter passing) a value. That value might be used multiple times in the table (for example, this is a Payments table linked to an Invoice table. The InvoiceID (unique- one) from the Invoice table is stored (many) in the Payments table for each Payment record for the same invoice. So for 5 Payments records there might be InvoiceID=2 used 3 times and InvoiceID=4 used 2) .

When a new record is inserted to the Payments table I need the trigger to look up all other records in that same Payments table with the same InvoiceID and update them. I tried using the Where tabs with Field=InvoiceID Equals Field=InvoiceID but the trigger doesn't work. If I manually put in a number for the 2nd InvoiceID to test it the trigger does work. So the issue is the trigger being able to match existing record's InvoiceID value with the submitted/inserted record's InvoiceID value and update them. 

Does anyone know how/if this can be done? It seems like it should be simple so I must be missing something basic.. 

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One last question- I'm trying to set the field 'Use_This' to 'True' for the new, inserted record. I can't seem to get it to work using the Join method (the other part that sets Use_This to False works well). How can I set, still using this other part of the trigger, for the new record to have Use_This = True (I was thinking of Join Insert.InvoicePayRequest.RequestID = InvoicePayRequest.RequestID (the unique ID value) so that it updates only that specific record's Use_This to True. 

When I trie to do a simple 'Insert Into' I get a nested error message (attached). Surely there must be a way to make the new, inserted record's Use_This field always be True (while updating all the existing related records to False). 

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 3.55.40 PM.png


Also, whenever a record is updated in that table it for some reason now runs the Use_This = False trigger action on itself. So if the user checks Use_This then the trigger runs and unchecks it, which it shouldn't because it should only run the trigger on records where RequestID <> RequestID (and therefor not itself). I really need some help with this...

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Hi DesiLogi,

You should use an Update block instead of Insert block if you would like to set the field 'Use_This' to 'True' for the new, inserted record.

Here is an example:



This Trigger should do the trick.

I am afraid I have no idea of such Trigger behavior for another issue which you have discovered.

I think it is better to ask Caspio Team about the reason for this odd behavior.






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Hi Vitaliksssss,

Thanks for the help with the insert Update issue. That works well- I couldn't figure out how to get it to do that.

Now the last thing I need to do is create a trigger for when the table is Updated (meaning the user updates an existing record's 'Use_This' to 'True') to update all records in the same table, with the same CompanyID and InvoiceID but NOT the same RequestID (the unique ID value)- because that would be the record being updated manually.

Basically, so if a user marks one record's 'Use_This= True' then all other records in the same table (with same CompanyID and InvoiceID) are marked 'Use_This=False'. So there can be only one record with Use_This=True for any given InvoiceID.

I think it would be similar to the first part of the trigger but running on Update. Problem is I keep getting 'Nested' error messages when I try to update the same table I'm running an Update trigger on. I think once I get the fundamentals worked out like in this issue the Triggers will make a lot more sense. Thanks very much for your help on this, I really appreciate it. 

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