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DATEDIFF: calculate Years, months and days at same time



In excel if I wanted to know the number of Year and months and days until something I would use:

=DATEDIF(B2,TODAY(),"y") & " Years, " & DATEDIF(B2,TODAY(),"ym") & " Months, " & DATEDIF(B2,TODAY(),"md") & " Days"

In CB calculated fields I can get one of the intervals - year OR month OR day but not all three using:


Can I convert that excel datediff to a CB friendly alrternative?

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You are amazing, thank you.  I had it close.  But it turns out this isnt quite what I intended after I saw it live.  This does in fact give the Year, Months, Days date difference between today and the expiration date in the independent forms of:

1 year until expiration, OR
12 months until expiration, OR
342 days until expiration.

After looking at it I realized what Im hoping is for is closer to the Excel version that refreshes and does a combined summary of years, months, days until expiration like examples:  

Item A expires in: 1 yr, 2 mos and 14 days

Item B expires in: 0 yr, 8 mos, 6 days.

Different animal I suspect.

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This is closer to what you are looking for:

Convert(varchar(10),DATEDIFF(yy, [@field:ExpirationDate], GetUTCDate()) )+ 'year' + Convert(varchar(10),DATEDIFF(mm, [@field:ExpirationDate], GetUTCDate()) ) + 'month'  + Convert(varchar(10),ABS(DATEDIFF(mm, DATEADD(yy, Datediff(year,[@field:ExpirationDate], GetUTCDate()), [@field:ExpirationDate]),  [@field:ExpirationDate]))) + 'day'


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Always appreciate your help!  Getting closer but not quite.  That formula is giving me a miscount for months and days still. It renders these dates this way:

GetUTCdate date                                Expiration Date:
2/16/18                                                     5/6/2020                                       2 years   27 months   24 days    (Should be   2 yrs, 2 months, 20  days)



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Hi @roattw

I have the same workflow but I somehow found a workaround for this.


I created 3 Virtual fields, one for Year calculation, one for month, and another one for year. 

Inside the virtual fields, here are my formula.

For Year:

Datediff(mm, [@field:Birthdate], GetUTCDate())/12

For Month:

Datediff(day, [@field:Birthdate], GetUTCDate())/30 - ([@cbParamVirtual1]*12)

For Day:

Datediff(day, [@field:Birthdate], GetUTCDate()) - ([@cbParamVirtual1]*365) - ([@cbParamVirtual2]*30)


And then I concatenated them all to the field that is on my table:

CONVERT(VARCHAR, [@cbParamVirtual1]) + "YEARS " + 
CONVERT(VARCHAR, [@cbParamVirtual2]) + "MONTHS " + 
CONVERT(VARCHAR,[@cbParamVirtual3]) + "DAYS"


This was my output.



I also hid the Virtual fields using HTML Block so it won't show on the DataPage.


Hope this helps!

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