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Error (Caspio Bridge error) (62504)



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On 5/17/2018 at 12:25 AM, timtz1234 said:

Guys can anyone help me, every time I deploy my datapages to my website it is giving me this message

Failed security check. DataPage cannot be rendered from this account type. (Caspio Bridge error) (62504)

what is thissss???????

Hi @timtz1234,


I believe Caspio now implemented an approach of combating Phishers and abusers of the platform.

You will be seeing that message if the DataPage is recognized as "abused". 

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Hello @timtz1234,

You can see that message with the error "(Caspio Bridge error) (62504)"  if the DataPage is recognized as "abused". It might have been mistakenly identified as one of the "abused". 

To fix that you should not collect application passwords on Text fields (using Label of the non-Password data type field as “Password”) and do not send notification/acknowledgment emails that contain passwords in the body. Please go to your Table data source and check if the DataType for your password is labeled as 'Password', not 'Text (255)'. 

It should help.

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Please be mindful when creating a password field and always make sure that your field is 'Password' DataType. Usually, this error occurs when you store users’ passwords in a Text (255) field in a user table. Due to data security restriction, passwords must be stored in a Password data type field. Feel free to check the error and messages here for any one's future reference: https://howto.caspio.com/troubleshooting/errors-and-messages/

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