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Autonumber Parameters



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Just now, joneslovescaspio said:

I am currently meddling with parameters and it seems that I cannot make the Autonumbers work properly. All the others are working. What seems to be the issue here? 

Hellp, @joneslovescaspio, AutoNumbers passed from a Web Form have a slightly different syntax than other parameters. You must add “InsertRecord” as a prefix before the fieldname to receive this unique field type. The syntax of this type of parameter is [@InsertRecordApplication_ID]

You can visit this link for more about parameters:  https://howto.caspio.com/parameters/receiving-parameters/ 


Hope this helps. 

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There are some auto-generated values, that are being generated after data is being added to the table. These fields are the one that cannot be included to a submission page, therefore, to pass the value from these fields to the next page you can


1- either check " On exit, pass ID and formula fields as parameters " in " Web Form Wizard - Select Fields " screen.

2- Add the parameter value to the URL  that is the destination after submission in " Destination and Messaging " screen

The fields that are being auto-generated are:

1 - Random ID

2- Autonumber

3- Prefixed Autonumber


The parameter value that is  being passed for these fields to the next page from a submission form as  mentioned in the previous post is [@InsertRecordFIELDNAME]

"FIELDNAME" Should be exactly the same as what you have in your table


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