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Grouping by calculated field



Can't seem to find any previous references to this.

In my tabular report one of my fields is a calculated field that outputs text (don't ask... it had to be done this way)!

Each record in this calculated field contains a region (ie Europe, N.America, etc)    My other 'normal' fields cover a range of text and numbers

What I want to do is display the whole table grouped in terms of the regions in the calculated field, rather like having a 'total and aggregation' for the calculated field.

I've tried adding the calculated field in the 'total and aggregation' option, but just get an error when trying to display the table

Any help very welcome.  Thanks!

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Thanks for the responses.

Unfortunately I don't think I have any alternative to allocating the regions at runtime.  This is because the User has up to 50 different regions which can be selected and countries can overlap.  For example, a User could select 'EU27' or 'Western Europe', or 'Europe', etc.     France, for example, falls into all those regions.  But if the User selects 'Europe', then that's the region I want to assign next to the record with France in the calculated field.  If he selects 'EU27', then it's that region that I want to assign next to the record with France in the calculated field, and so on.

Any other suggestions most welcome!


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