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Hide fields in the new responsive feature

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Hi, I would like to hide fields properly in the new responsive code.

I've been enclosing fields via HTML Block via

<table style="display:none">

to hide my fields but with the new responsive feature enabled. It is not hiding the fields properly.

Any thoughts/suggestions on this?

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Hello there, in case someone needs it, here's a HowTo article from Caspio that you may check if you are trying to hide fields in your DataPage. This article contains varieties of code that you may use depending on the DataPage type that you are using. Here's the link:


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You can actually use @Nuke354 workflow on report datapages with calculated field to make it work conditionally.

For example,  on your results page , you only want to hide the value of those fields depending on a value from another field, you may try this kind of workflow,

1) at the very bottom of the page, create 2 html blocks. Set them up as described on Nuke's workflow.

2) Create a calculated field there and use a case when formula like this:

Case when [@field:indicator] = 1 then 'none' else 'block' end

3) Encapsulate the actual fields you wanted to hide on html blocks. On the HTML block for the top 1, use this kind of html syntax instead:


<table style = "display:[@calcfield:1];"> <tr> <td>  


That should now reflect on the return value of your calculated field.

With that, those actual fields will only be hidden base on the condition you set on the calculated field.

Hope it helps.

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Additional Note:

The workflow  I mentioned above will only work with calculated fields and  It should also work with formula fields. However, it would not work with Calculated Values.

Anyway, if you have calculated values on your DAtaPage, there should probably a 'rules' feature there. I suggest that you use that instead.

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Thanks, @NiceDuck - I know this is an older post, but it helped me a ton.  I was trying to hide an HTML block with two "input buttons" on a details page conditionally.  I used your approach but set the values to either "button" or "hidden", then I have <input type="[@calcfield:1]"...>  Working great! 

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