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Trigger record limit



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Depending on How complicated the trigger is, if its a very simple workflow where the only challenge or issue is the exceeding records, perhaps we can actually use the task workaround and trigger it via cascading trigger.

For example, on main table, you have a trigger that will copy delete all values from table c and insert all records from table b there. Table b however has 15k records.

What we can do is kindof like this, first block is the delete block for table c

2nd block is for inserting all records from table b where autnumber is less than 9k

3rd block is where we insert a single dummy record to a dummy table.

save the trigger and enable.

on the dummy table, create an insert trigger there where it will continue the copying process of the first trigger.

Create an insert block there that will insert all records on table b to table c where autonumber is greater than 9k but less than 15k

save the trigger.

This is the idea. It may (and it will) get more complicated as your trigger becomes more complicated as well. 

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