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Update tables through forms



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I have difficulties understanding your workflow...I am thinking, is it possible to change the design of the Table so Jan-Dec will not be the name of the 'Month' field but the Field itself?

Also, If you are looking to create an interface where the user will be able to update more than one record it is better to use a Report DataPage and make the fields editable in the Details page. You can use a Single Record Update form to allow end users to update only 1 record based on its unique ID or using Record Level Security.

Please check the following article: How do I edit data through my Details page?


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If I got your inquiry correct,

you want those field to appear as a default value on submission form and single update form.

On submission form, it is possible to set a default value per field, however, it is per field and not multiple values per field. so it is conflicting what you are showing.

For single update, well, its default value will be its already existing value this we can no longer set its default value via datapage.

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