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Disable submit button in details Page?



I need to demo reports as input for users but need to disable the ability to submit (even when disabling on field level the SUBMIT button still shows and that will change the User_ID of the record. I have changed the record level security to a generic code that will display the records I determine.

Any other known bets practices for providing demo reports?

Any help appreciated!


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It seems I was too quick, it does not appear as if the UPDATE button results in a change of User_ID (if it is not configured to pass the user ID). Also I misstated the title of the button, should be 'UPDATE', not 'SUBMIT'.

The question remains: How to remove the UPDATE button and what are best practices for exhibiting parts of the database as demo without the ability to make changes?

Many thanks!

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On 2/23/2022 at 2:04 AM, NiceDuck said:

The update button would only appear if you have an editable field on your form. Otherwise, it will only show the 'back' button.

Agreed, in this case I want to allow the users to alter data to see what happens but without ability to submit the changes, for demo purposes. The script provided by @TellMeWhy works well for me (see below)




document.getElementsByClassName('cbUpdateButton')[0].disabled = true;
document.getElementsByClassName('cbUpdateButton')[0].style.display = 'none'; 

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