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Mass Mailing to Users



We have our own smtp server, and is there any way to send mass mailing, such as a newsletter, within the application?

Let's say, we have user table which stores users' e-mail addresses.

I am thinking of submitting a form can send out a message to all or part of users in the table. Does it requires special coding skills?

Thank you.

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Thank you for your reply. That may be difficult for me. How about this idea?

E-mail addresses of users are stored in one column. Is there any way to copy those data into one single filed with this format?

abc@company.com, def@company.com, ghi@company.com, .....

And, I am thinking of making a form which sends out newsletter by putting those e-mail addresses into BCC.

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The Mass Mail Tool allows the sending of an email message to a group of clients ranging from every client on file to those who meet specific criteria.

Begin by going to Clients > Mass Mail Tool.

You can then choose the criteria you want to filter on in order to select who the email will be sent to.

By default the email type is General and so you can only filter on the client status criteria.

If you want to filter on product related criteria you must ensure you set the Email Type to be Product/Service related.

Likewise if you want to filter on domain related criteria you must set the Email Type to be Domain related.

If you do not want to filter clients by a specific criteria then leave that filter unchanged and it will be ignored.

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Thank you very much. I was about giving up using Caspio if I did not see your reply above. It sounds I can do a mass

It seems to be that I can do mass mailing without coding. Can we send out newsletter or notification by filtering like this?

User table has the following fields.

E-mail Address

Church Newsletter A

Church Newsletter B

Regional Newsletter A

Regional Newsletter B

Youth Newsletter

People can choose Yes or No in the newsletter fields. If, for example, Church Newsletter A is on, can the mass mail tool filter the Church Newsletter A field, and send a message out to those who chose Yes in the filed?

I am not asking how to do right now, but want to know if it is easily done without the admin UI.

Thank you.

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That is right, 

There are new releases as time goes by and Tasks are some of the new features inside Caspio. 

You can just simply have one column for the email, using task, you can use inside the recipient. The Condition part though will be up to you whether this is needed in the workflow. 

As much as the Mass Email is concerned that's easily achievable using this task:


As easy as that. :)

Hope this helps.


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Hi all!

You can also use Triggered Actions in sending mass emails upon submitting a form.

The difference between Application Tasks and Triggered Actions is that Tasks usually run on a recurring schedule while Triggered Actions run in a response to a data insertion, update, or deletion. For more information, see Triggered Actions.


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