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How To Create Cascading Dropdown List



Hi All

im new for Caspio

I tried to create a cascading dropdown based on another table, for example I have personal info table which has a city entity which come from table city

when I tried it didn't work for me may be I didn't know how to do it any help


much appreciated.



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After giving it some thought, it seems that you can indeed create cascading dropdowns using a series of related tables as opposed to a single "lookup" table. Create a virtual field to serve as the first dropdown and use this to provide the property for the cascade. I would imagine that this is something that a lot of applications need to do but I have not come across this in the help files. I'll follow this topic so just reply if you need more explanation.

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Hi ray. I'm into the same boat on what you are thinking.

I have 2 tables related to each other through a common field. What I want to do is to create a cascade dropdown base on table 2 after selecting a value on a dropdown list from the first table.

Let's say I have client table and scenario table. When I select a certain client in the first dropdown based on the client table another dropdown list will be populated filtered based on the client in the scenario table.

I can't make it work.







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Hi @crionsynx and @ray,

You should select the Lookup table as a Source and Filter cascade by the client_code. In that case in the field for display and for value you will see the scenario data. Please refer the screenshots below:

Data source:


Configure fields:





Please let me know if it works for you.


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