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PDF Download New Caspio Feature



I'm using the new Caspio PDF report download option. I'm noticing that my hidden columns show up on the PDF. Previously, I was using the Caspio PDF generator code provided by Caspio based on my account type and the hidden columns remained hidden. I tried placing the hide column JavaScript in the source code for the PDF configuration but that does not seem to work. Does anyone know how to hide columns on the tabular reports using the new PDF feature? I'm using the the data in the hidden columns for SQL calculation purposes but the end user does not need to see the raw math. As always, I appreciate the input. 




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I reached out to suppot a while back and was advised that hiding columns in the new PDF download feature would be considered custom code. This was surprising since the  pdf generator provided by Caspio only displays what the user sees on the screen and all hiden elements remain hidden; the only hiccup is that this process requires 2 datapages to work properly. The PDF generator only captures what is on the page along with set margins and zooms that I added to the code. I still don't have an answer to this issue related to the new PDF download feature so I thought I'd check back to see if anyone has found a way to hide columns when using it. I have lots of calculations so my report download is super small when the PDF is produced.

All input is greatly appreciated. 




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