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Triggered action to delete records older than 10 minutes



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Tasks can only run Hourly, Daily, Monthly. For better performance, it is advised that you have a leeway of 15 minutes for every task. in this case, you can only run 4 tasks per hour. So for the task to run every minute, you have to create 4 tasks, just what Maymusic has mentioned. So I think, it's not possible for you to run it every 10minutes. Unless, maybe if you set different timezones, which I have not yet tried. 

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Running a Task every 1 hour might not be your best bet since it will frequently have to run through tables. It could affect the performance of your Application.


Why not create a View that filters out the record created 10 minutes prior to current timestamp?

To do so, just add 10 minutes to your timestamp field so we can identify which fields we can show (more on this below).



Create a view to return the records that are created 10 minutes offset advanced of the current time


After then, just use this as your DataSource instead of the actual table.



You may use tasks to clean-up your actual table. Maybe once a day, or perhaps every three hours at most.


Hope this solution helps.


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