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Deployment with Wix vs Weebly



Hey All,  I'm assessing Wix vs Weebly for a client project.  The client prefers Wix but I'm seeing some limitations in using Caspio with Wix from a few years ago.   These are my main concerns: 

- There have been a range of comments about Wix not support use of query string parameters.  Any current views on this?   

-  Will need to have multiple datapages on each Wix page with passed parameters. Is this still an issue with the Wix platform? 




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I haven't used Wix but have been using Weebly and use parameters extensively. So far so good in terms of deployment. (Separately, Weebly seems to be limited how it allows you to build and style pages, but perhaps professional web developers know ways around that). 

One thing to be aware of regarding styling. When you embed Caspio within Weebly, the styling on the datapages is the style you set in Caspio... unless that data page or field is something you've built in .html, in which case the styling picks up the css styling from Weebly.  If you are using html pages or fields, build in extra time to fiddle with the styling to get it all to conform. It took me some serious time to understand where the styling was coming from and to get things to look decent. This discrepancy wasn't in the Caspio documentation so it took me by surprise and I had to experiment with the styling to understand where it was coming from and what controlled it.

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