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Expiring Links/URLs



Hey yall. Just wondering if anyone has used something in the sort of expiring links. We are building a form from Caspio that, with a link, will be sent to interested customers to be filled out. However, we are worried about spam and the link falling into the wrong hands.

We are deployed on Weebly, and I know they don't have any sort of feature like this. What I am looking for is some kind of system to take my caspio/weebly link that will expire after some amount of time and make it so you can no longer visit that web page. We will be using this pretty frequently.

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5 hours ago, Vitalikssssss said:

Hi @kpcollier,

Well, the easiest way which came through my mind is to apply record expiration concept described in HowTo article.

You can customize "No records found" message in Localization.

Hope this helps.




Unfortunately, this is a multi step form. So, there is no record to hide due to the fact that it is not a report page. I am trying to make it so they can only submit a record once.

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Hi @kpcollier,

Im not sure if my understanding on your inquiry is correct but as I understand, you have a submission Form where you want it to be inaccessible after some amount of time. 

for example, you have sent client a the link at october 1, this link should no longer be accessible by november 1. However, to those who got the link by october 30 should still be able to access the link by november 30. Is this the workflow you want?

 I think this could be done via JavaScript but I am not even adept to that, so what I will do is to use another datapage again. (sorry please dont cook me)

However, since I do not know your full workflow is, there may come some complication. 

My idea is to create a auto submit single update page  which will redirect you to the proper site if the condition is is right. else, It'll just send you somewhere else.  

you may refer for this post about the different redirection:  

However, instead of using the field for email, use the field for the URL where the you want to be redirected. 

This will be the structure.

1st, create a table containing the following fields: 

Random ID
Date sent
Date receive

Those person whom youll be sending the link should have a record already on this table for the field "Random ID" ,"Name", and "Date Sent".

2nd, create a single update form that is determined by their ID which loaded through external parameters. The link you'll be sending to your customer should be the link for them to access this single update form.

In this SUF (single update form, I'll use  acronym it because its long)  make a virtual field and set it as a calculated field. In here, you will have to make Condition statement in it with some date diff functions. Kinda like this


 WHEN  DateDiff(day, [@filed:Datesent], SysDateTime())  > 30
 THEN "www.yourdestinationURL.com"
 ELSE "www.somewhereelse.com"

Then, you have to create a HTML block containing this JS code:

<script type="text/javascript">
  if(document.getElementById("caspioform")) {
  document.getElementById("caspioform").style.display = 'none';
  setTimeout('document.forms["caspioform"].submit()',10); }

this code will make your SUF auto submit

finally, on the end of your the wizard, set it to redirect  to a new page and use the field picker to insert the "[@field:virtual1]"

then click finish. 

the URL you have to send to your clients now are URL for this SUF along with their random id as the parameter. 

However, this again will consume a datapage. Please dont cook me Im a niceduck not a tasty duck
I wish you atleast have the idea. Im not confident with my english since im kinda starving right now, might be affecting my thinking...

anyway, I hope this helps you. 


P.S. You may also explain your desire a bit more further and let see what else we can do. I dont know Javascript though.
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On 10/24/2019 at 2:54 PM, NiceDuck said:

Those person whom youll be sending the link should have a record already on this table for the field "Random ID" ,"Name", and "Date Sent".

Hey @NiceDuck, going through this workflow and just have a quick question. You are saying that in order to use this workflow, the customer that is filling out the submission form has to first have their information on the new table?

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