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Passed parameter based on a condition



I need to pass a parameter on the website link but with condition. For example if field1 = a then pass parameter name=[@fieldname] otherwise it will be just the link. I tried Case When statement and use the a href with the link but it is not working if it has a parameter included in the link. Do you have any other ideas for this guys?

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Hi @Batchini,

It might be having an issue with the quotation mark on the a href value. What you can do is to add a Virtual field that will display the link and paste the code below:

CASE WHEN [@field:FieldName] = '1'
THEN '<a href=' + '"' + 'https://nameofyoursite.html' + '?name=[@field:name]'>Link1</a>'
'<a href='https://nameofyoursite.html'>Link2</a>'

I hope this works.

- Barbie

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depending on what datapage you are using, you can also seperate the calculated field to the actual link.

for example, on your html block, you have this 
<a href='https://nameofyoursite.html?testparam=[@calcfield1]'>Link2</a>

then on your calculated filed, create a basic conditional statement

case when [@field:FieldName] = '1' then 1


On this case, the parameter will only has a value if the conditions are correct. 

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