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Simple Integration With Wix.com



hello everyone, I am new to caspio but am very happy of their existence. let me explain.

as a computer consultant i have been hired to upgrade a customer's website. He has one created exclusively with tools from the DIY website wix.com    sadly, wix does not support my customers request for a database. 

Happily, Caspio DOES support database usage within a wix built website.


I first went to Caspio support but they referred me here (for free). Specifically:


database has four fields ---

first name, last name, ls certification, certificate

i.e. text, text, nn-nnnn, pdf file


last name


 first name, 
last name, 
ls certification, 
link to view pdf of ls certification


I am already signed up for next week's 3 Caspio webinars but as of the moment I need you help most! thanks





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I do need help too setting Caspio login up in wix.com. The tutorials dont really delve into how to properly deploy on sites like that, any information would be valued. My current problem right now is that I embed the code and it cant direct to the page so whats the code im suppose to use for the redirect page on wix?

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I am trying to understand your application.

In Wix you would like to get the following confirmation dialog.


Then search results are displayed based upon last name.


Then user clicks View-Certificate link and certificate appears.

result when _view certificate_ is selected.png

All of the above is done while being in Wix, but in the background Caspio is used to store certificate holders, certificates etc.

Let me know if above data setup is being used by your application.



NealPatil @ gmx.com


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2 things to be aware of when using Wix and Caspio:


1) Wix automatically places the deploy code into an iframe. So if you deploy 2 DataPages on a single Wix page and are attempting to pass parameters via the DataPages, it will have issues.

2) Wix does not support use of query string parameters


Just be aware of these Wix limitations as you are building to prevent frustration!

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