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Get Exact Age



How can I get the exact age:

Ex: Today's date is Feb 4, 2019. My birthday is Feb 5, 1998. On my Calculated Value, it shows 21 years old already. My question is how can I show it as 20 years old because it is still not Feb 5. 

This is my current Formula:    Datediff(day,[@Date_of_birth],GetUTCDate())/365


I wanted it to be based by day. 


Appreciate your help!

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Hi @JanineB,


You may try this formula as well. 


FLOOR(DATEDIFF(YEAR,[@field:Date_of_Birth],GetDate()) - 

(CASE WHEN DATEADD(YEAR,DATEDIFF(YEAR,[@field:Date_of_Birth],GetDate()),

[@field:Date_of_Birth]) > GetDate() 



END ))


It worked in almost all scenarios, considering leap year, date as 29 Feb, etc.

Hope this helps.



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I tried the solutions provide by @DefinitelyNot31337 and @Hastur and it gives me the wrong age (I tried July 13 1999 and it outputs 23 when it should be 22) so I created my own.

WHEN DatePart(m, [@field:birthday]) > DatePart(m, SysUTCDateTime()) AND (DatePart(d, [@field:birthday]) != DatePart(d, SysUTCDateTime()))
THEN DateDiff(year,[@field:birthday],SysUTCDateTime()) -1
ELSE DateDiff(year,[@field:birthday],SysUTCDateTime())

Hope this helps.

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