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Hi - I have a tabular DataPage, and a "Modified By" field. I want to automatically populate the "Modified By" field with the name of the one who updated the records and display it on my DataPage. I'm having trouble doing this, can you help?

Thank you in advance.
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Hi Telly, 

In your Tabular DataPage include your "Modified By" field in your Details page and set the form element to "Hidden" and then on the On Load, receive: choose the Authentication Fields and the fields that you want to display. 



Next is, add a Virtual field Label it as "Modified By" and set the form element to "Display Only". Under the Advanced tab check the On Load and choose the Data Source Fields and get the "Modified By" field. We used this Virtual field to display the Modified By in your DataPage since we set the Last Modified to "Hidden"Screenshot_1.png.26f9da5406e455befa3c0e349f9e0f94.png



I hope this helps. :)



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Hello, I followed the steps outlined above by Barbie and unfortunately keep getting this error when attempting to enter the details page of a record in a data page.  Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

"RLS field changed. This DataPage requires to be edited before it can be viewed. (Caspio Bridge error) (60007)"

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Hello @JSorensen,

This issue happens if the authentication for a DataPage is changed and in this DataPage, you are receiving a value from the source table of the authentication. It could be either changing the authentication itself or changing the source table of the current authentication. And the reason is the change in the name of the field.

Areas to check are: 1- Record Level Security 2- Advanced tab in Configure Fields screen 3- Security tab of dropdowns and listboxes. And then reselect the authentication field.

The Virtual field may also cause the issue if you made an adjustment to the data source of the authentication. You may need to re-setup the Virtual1 authenticated value to resolve this error. 

Hope that helps!

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