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Standard PDF Feature


This article provides elaborate demonstration for the PDF Report function of Caspio. Note that this is only available in the Reports and not in the submission form. 


Selecting as Download Options 

PDF download option is available in all Report DataPages, including Pivot Tables and Combined Chart and Reports. This option allows your app users to download the displayed Report DataPage as a PDF file.  




You can also find this information from one of the Release notes article: https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-bridge-13-0/ 





  If your PDF is enabled as a Download option, you can actually set and customize it according to your preferences. Just click the icon beside it to check the default configuration of the PDF. 





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Inside the Configure PDF settings 

General Options 



From the General Options of your PDF, you will have a list of standard configurations as to how you would like your PDF to look like such as the Orientation, Page Size, Margins, Default Behavior, Header Height, and Footer Height.   





You can also choose to set the PDF report's default behavior, you can choose between Saving your file or Opening it in a new window or tab and you can set the PDF to automatically set a page break every number of records of your preference if enabled. 


PDF Custom Header and Footer 


Customize your Header and Footer content within the configuration settings. 

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